Tuesday 18 September
Ian Gullard Lecture Theatre, Whitehead Building, Goldsmiths.

Australian Perth-based new music ensemble embracing technology revision, electronic manipulation, performance and interactive scoring.

'Variations' - John Cage. Performed by Decibel.
'Body Waves' - Stanier Black-Five and Malcolm Riddoch.

The ongoing series A-B-A presents two performances of each work with a talk/discussion with the artists in between.

Live AV Concert

Friday 21 September
St. James's Hatcham Church, St. James's, New Cross, London.
19:00- 21:30

Free Entry

Video projections and VJs at live gigs and clubs have made us accustomed to the simultaneous presentation of moving image with music. But often they remain mere juxtapositions, lacking cohesion and serving merely as distractions. In contrast, the audio and the visuals in the featured works are generated through an analogous process in real-time. Radical computer music, dirty electronics, generative compositions and live electroacoustic works are pushed to new dimensions by harnessing the potential for the reciprocal affective modulation of the two modalities and treating the audiovisual medium as an integrated discipline in its own right.

| Mick Grierson |
| Ryan Jordan |
| Simon Katan |
| Tom Mudd |
| Ryo Ikeshiro |
| James Leahy |

more tbc

Live Electronics Concert

Saturday 22 September
St. James's Hatcham Church, St. James's, New Cross, London.
19:00- 21:30

Free Entry

Approaches to live performances with technology

| Hugh Davies - 'Quintet' |
| Mimosa Moize |
| Matthew Yee-King |
| Roger Redgate & Emmanuel Spinelli |

Hugh Davies

Hugh Davies was an innovative composer, improviser and instrument builder who pioneered electronic music from the 1960s onwards. 'Quintet' is a piece for five performers that utilises the sweet but chaotic world of microphone-speaker feedback.

Mimosa Moize

Mimosa Moize is the minimal sound/art project of artists Lucia H. Chung (Taiwan) and Martin J. Thompson (UK).Their ongoing relationship with sound is one shared both with perceivers and each other. Through exploring their experiences with sound as it is perceived, they wish to convey sound as a language, expressing to the other a sharing of a moment where sound becomes more than just sounding. Mimosa Moize currently release with Murmur Records (JP) and Dragon’s Eye Recordings (USA). 

Matthew Yee-King is a Lecturer and Research Fellow in the Department of Computing. He will perform 4 channel improvisation using Roland V-Drums and SuperCollider.

Roger Redgate (violin)
R. Redgate is a composer/performer whose work focuses on the complex relationship between notation, improvisation and the physicality of performance. Exploring the boundaries of what can or can’t be notated as possible forms of material, his work combines both aspects of complex notational strategies (complexity) and extended playing techniques with various approaches to improvisation in a wide range contexts.

Emmanuel Spinelli (objects, modified-guitar, live electronics)
Spinelli has been collecting sonic-objects, toys and other derelict material since 1998 and has been developing electronic tools for live processing and improvisation. Through his research and practice as a composer, Spinelli has been focussing on field recording and acoustic ecology for the creation of sound installations and multi-channel works.

UK and Ireland Soundscape Community

Sunday 23 September
St. James's Hatcham Church, St. James's, New Cross, London.

Free Entry

Tune into an afternoon of innovative, creative and qualitative approaches to environmental sound.

Presenters include: 

| Peter Cusack |
| Max Dixon |
| Lisa Lavia |
| Marcus Leadley |
| Emmanuel Lorien |
| Ian Rawes |
| Ruth Hawkins |

Chaired by John Levack Drever.

You will be able to participate in Marcus Leadley’s outdoor site-specific installation,
“Reconfiguring Space: Soundscape and Perception”, on the College Green between 12:00 and 14:00. 


Monday 24 September
St. James's Hatcham Church, St. James's, New Cross, London.
19:00- 21:30

Free Entry

Musicians and researchers come together for this showcase of experimental compositional systems and performance art. Members of Goldsmiths Digital Studios and the Embodied Audio-Visual Interaction Group present new works in real-time composition and live-coding, gestural music interfaces and immersive audio-visual resynthesis.

| Bruno Zamborlin |
| Parag Mital & Steph Horak |
| Paul Prudence |
| Adriana Sa |


Tuesday 25 September
St. James's Hatcham Church, St. James's, New Cross, London.
19:00- 21:30

Free Entry

Showcasing experimental live electronics, A/V work and improvised electroacoustic music from Goldsmiths' Studio Composition and Creative Practice Masters Programmes.

| Ain Bailey |
| Nick Brown |
| Nathan Harmer |
| John Macedo |
| Portia Winters |
| Dust Music |

Unsettling Scores

Wednesday 26 September
St. James's Hatcham Church, St. James's, New Cross, London.
19:00- 21:30

Free Entry

| Lawrence Upton |
| John Levack Drever |
| Tina Krekels |
| Benedict Taylor |

Lawrence Upton, John Levack Drever, Benedict Taylor and Tina Krekels perform some of Upton's indicative scores, taking line, shape and colour as calligraphy for vocal and instrumental utterance with multi-channel spatialisation.

Lawrence Upton

Lawrence Upton is a multi-disciplinary artist, curator and arts researcher
based in the South of London.

John Drever

Operating at the intersection of sonic arts, design, auditory culture, environmental acoustics and noise control, Drever’s theoretical and practice-based research demonstrates an ongoing inquiry into the affect, perception and practice of everyday environmental sound and human utterance.

Benedict Taylor

Benedict Taylor is a performer, composer & sound artist who studied viola at the Royal Northern College of Music and academic MMus at Goldsmiths.

Tina Krekels

Tina Krekels is a composer/musician currently based in Edinburgh. She is
working in digital composition and performance focusing on live
electronics and spectral analysis.

Wilton Azevedo (contributing but not present)

Wilton Azevedo is a plastic artist, graphic designer, poet and musician. He is a professor researcher at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in Brazil.

New Music Ensemble

Thursday 27 September
St. James's Hatcham Church, St. James's, New Cross, London.
19:00- 21:30

Free Entry

Led and curated by Alistair Zaldua, the New Music Ensemble will perform pieces from a broad spectrum of artistic positions that best represent the range and diversity of contemporary acoustic music at Goldsmiths. The concert will comprise ensemble as well solo pieces involving improvised and notated music. Included will be performances of work by John Cage, original compositions by Hywel Jones, John Lely, Tina Krekels and Neil March, as well as Alistair Zaldua's realisation of solo with accompaniment by Cornelius Cardew, a composer whose work and ideas still exert a defining influence on experimental British music.

Music by:

| John Cage |
| Cornelius Cardew |
| Hywel Jones |
| John Lely |
| Tina Krekels |
| Neil March |
| Alistair Zaldua |

New Music Ensemble:

Voice: Clare Brady
Alto Saxophone: Tina Krekels
Trombone: Hywel Jones
Piano: Adam Smith
Percussion: Rosie Bergonzi
Viola: Melanie Powell
Conductor: Alistair Zaldua